RomperStomper - Empower Network is Just Another MLM Scam

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Empower Network is all over the internet with so called reviews and blogs trying to get you to sign up to them.

This is just another MLM *** where the people at the very top make the money and you make pennies if anything!

Remember that these MLM companies operate a bit like a cult, everyone in it follows whatever rubbish is published. Empower Network is no different.

Empower Network will try to lure you with squeeze ads about how you can make $30,000 even $40,000 per month. Don't listen to any of it.

Don't just take my word for it either, search for the term "Does MLM Really Work?" or see below

The first few results you see will give you all the information you need about MLM as will the links above.

Remember that fewer than 1% of people who join MLM make any money at all.

Empower Network is no different!

There is a sophisticated network of people out there holding Empower Network together, anyone who attempts to be negative is quickly pushed down the search rankings and so called genuine money makers are quick to comment.

Posts are even made about how someone and "their team are making money" and "well your just another hater" Remember its a sophisticated network of people keeping the lie together to keep them making money.

You can always tell an MLM when you see one, it has a certain crassness to it, certain smell. Empower Network certainly has that!

Steer well clear of Empower Network, keep clear of any MLM's!

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